March Madness has turned to April Fools’— giving us more time for the annual Reliable Source Gossip Tournament. This year’s field includes veterans (Michelle Obama), second careers (George W. Bush), power pregnancies (Jennas, Bush and Wolfe) and the just plain strange (diplomacy, Rodman-style). We’ve given you the starting matchups (and a few of our favorite picks and the reasons why); share your Final Four in the comments or via

Click to see the brackets. (Graphic by Vicky Fogg)
Click to see the brackets. (Graphic by Vicky Fogg)


For more details on the match-ups, click on the links below:

Beyonce lip-sync vs. Rand Paul filibuster
Dennis Rodman in North Korea vs. Ted Nugent at SOTU
Patrick Kennedy, anti-marijuana vs. Saxby Chambliss, anti-gay marriage
Bill Clinton at Howard commencement vs. Kerry Washington at GW commencement

Ashley Judd for Senate vs. Tareq Salahi for governor
Mark Sanford comeback vs. David Vitter comeback
Adrian Dantley, crossing guard vs. Torrey Smith, intern
William Taft, racing president vs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout

Jenna Bush pregnancy vs. Jenna Wolfe pregnancy
Ryan Zimmerman wedding vs. Alex Ovechkin engagement
Adrian/Michelle Fenty Split vs. Tony/Heather Podesta split
Pete Domenici’s secret son vs. Bob Menendez’s secret vacation

Michelle Obama bangs vs. Ernie Moniz hair
Scalia hat at inaugural vs. RGIII’s socks at Oscars
“Lincoln” voting flap vs. “Zero Dark Thirty” flap
George W. Bush painting vs. Sonia Sotomayor memoir

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