Frank Sinatra with Ronald and Nancy Reagan in 1981. (Mike Evans/AP)

Frank Sinatra wanted to take out a hit on biographer Kitty Kelley? So claims Paul Anka in his new memoir, and while it’s certainly horrifying, we weren’t sure if it was actually new. We’ve just heard so many Sinatra Behaving Badly stories over the years, it’s hard to keep track.

Kitty, was this news to you?

“Uh, yeah,” the Washington writer told us Monday. “I had always been told the opposite. That Frank had said, ‘If anything happens to that blankety-blank, I’ll be the first one blamed.’”

Kitty Kelley in 1997 (Marty Lederhandler/AP)

Kelley’s 1986 unauthorized bio, “His Way,” was so resented by Sinatra (among other shocking claims, Kelley reported that the crooner’s mom ran an illegal abortion service) that he filed a $2 million suit before its release. But would — or could — he have had her whacked? Anka, who shares lurid stories of his time with the Rat Pack, doesn’t offer firsthand evidence, and by his own account, Sinatra’s pull with the mob had evaporated long before the ’80s. And of course, he’s been dead 15 years now.

Still, Kelley joked, “I’ll just keep a low profile for the next week or so.”

(Read more Sinatra dirt from Anka’s new memoir at the Daily Mail)

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