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Justin Bieber’s recent troubles: As bad as all that?

You might be under the hazy impression, based on a drip-drip-drip of ominous headlines, that Justin Bieber has set off on a teen-idol path to destruction. Even Chris Brown expressed concern for the 19-year-old pop star Wednesday. (“I pray for him,” he said in a radio interview, explaining how hard it is “being young, having a limitless amount of income, whatever you wanna do as a young guy.”) But let’s take these recent incidents one by one and assess whether it’s really as bad as all that.

Bieber strolls shirtless through a Polish airport: That’s your idea of acting out? Call us when he shaves his head in public, like Britney circa 2007. And she turned out okay. So far. We think.

—  Bieber is investigated for allegedly attacking his neighbor during a dispute: Just “investigated”? Chris Brown is unimpressed.

Bieber lashes out at the press for “lies” on social media: No, really. Everyone does this.

Bieber collapses onstage during a concert: There is a fine tradition of this in rock-and-roll — Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon . . . hmmm.

—  Bieber’s capuchin monkey is seized by German customs because he fails to get the right papers: Hmpf. Michael Jackson would never have let this happen to Bubbles. You all may have a point.

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