Brief news from elsewhere:

Baldwin. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

This NYT interview with the cast of “Orphans” is hilarious because of the actors’ different approaches to dealing with the elephant in the room that is their fired co-star Shia LaBeouf. It gets a little tense as Tom Sturridge berates the Times reporter not only for bringing it up but for even reading the emails LaBeouf leaked; whereas Baldwin wrly makes a goof of the whole thing, without actually saying anything that would get him in trouble.

Nerds have all the money these days: “Star Trek” phaser sold at auction for $231,000. (Hollywood Reporter)

Can someone explain why this story about Jenna Jameson getting arrested for beating someone up is blowing up the Internet? Is it that people are surprised by this development? Is it that they’ve been Googling “Jenna Jameson” non-stop for the past five years and now there’s suddenly news? Or are they hoping to see, you know, photos? (AP) Update: Apparently Jameson tweeted that the brawl involved a former assistant whom she claims broke into her house — and then she deleted said tweet, as one does. So there you go. Happy now? (Page Six)

Phil Mickelson and Condi Rice enjoyed a pleasant round of golf together (AP via the Early Lead)

Oh, and Michael Jordan golfed with Michael Phelps (TMZ)

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