One in an occasional series on the stars with a cause who come to Washington. This week’s celebrity advocate: Kyle MacLachlan

MacLachlan on the American Association for Cancer Research panel Sunday evening. (Larry French/AP Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation)

Setting: Huge meeting room at the Washington Convention Center during the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting.

Event: Announcement of the scientific team awarded $14.5 million by fundraisers Stand Up To Cancer and St. Baldrick’s Foundation to focus on children’s cancer research.

Bona fides: Wholesome/sinister star of “Twin Peaks,” “Showgirls,” “Sex & the City,” “Portlandia”; veteran fundraiser for cancer causes who lost both parents to cancer.

Backup: A panel of researchers, foundation execs, the family of a young cancer survivor.

What he wants: More cancer research funds, obviously; but unlike most of our celebvocates, who come to the Hill for celeb-lobbying, MacLachlan took on the duty of Hollywood dignitary mostly there to rally the faithful.

How he looked: Conservative-suave. Gray suit, blue shirt, chunky specs. One of the few tie-less men in the room.

How he sounded: Warm, affable, knowledgeable, self-effacing. A lovely kind of late-night-classical-DJ voice.

Soundbite: Hailing Dr. Philip Sharp, the Nobel-winning geneticist who oversaw the review of the grant applications, MacLachlan noted that “in my world the equivalent would be getting a chance to work with Steven Spielberg.”

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