Vladimir Putin gets an eyeful at a protest in Hanover. (Jochen Luebke /AP)

If you were this topless protester, you would probably be so irritated to get this Benny Hill-like reaction out of Vladimir Putin. The Russian president, visiting the Hanover Industrial Fair with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday, was confronted by Ukrainian activists including a woman with “[Expletive] Dictator” scrawled in marker across her bare torso. Putin, though, seemed more appreciative than shocked, judging by the look on his face, and he later played the whole thing off, reports the Associated Press.  “I liked it,” he said. “You should be grateful to the girls, they are helping you make the fair more popular.” (More photos with this AP story) (Gawker has a little video clip, all perfectly safe for work.) The protesters were with FEMEN, a Ukrainian feminist group that has staged bare-breasted protests for women’s and gay rights.

Another angle on the scene. (Jochen Luebke /AP)

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