Eric, Diana, Brad (Eric Cantor)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online live discussion today at noon. This was the week Brad Pitt was in town — and we had to hear about it from Eric Cantor? Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba and caused an international incident. David Gregory throws a huge public fit over neighborhood parking. Is Justin Bieber truly on the path to ruin? Remember when David Stockman was the “cute Cabinet member”? Magic Johnson encouraged his son to come out of the closet.  A Spanish princess snagged in an embezzlement probe. Richie Sambora grapples with “personal issues.” Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are expecting, say it was a “surprise.” Michaele Salahi gets an apology from a British tabloid; fellow White House crasher Carlos Allen has a new sideline. Vladimir Putin = Benny Hill. And Michelle Obama is totally growing her bangs out! Oh wait — think she just trimmed them again. Never mind.

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