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The JoBros at the White House in 2008. (Kyle Gustafson)

Oh my God, Dad. No. Dad. I am so embarrassed. It’s the first time your telecom company is sponsoring an American concert tour, and you pick the Jonas Brothers?!?! I mean: No. Dad. No one likes the Jonases. Yeah, I used to like them — when I was, like, 7! But now they’re old and weird and no one likes them anymore! If you think this is going to make the U.S. government think you’re cool and not actually a front for Chinese spies, as Howard Schneider reports, it’s totally not going to work. They’re just going to think you’re like a really dorky Chinese spy. No. Please. Read this: If Huawei is spying in the U.S., would it sponsor a Jonas Brothers tour? . . . (Oh wait. If a girl asked Joe out on YouTube, does that mean they’re back in now? Random!)

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