RDJr. promoting "Iron Man 3" in Paris this week. (Thibault Camus /AP) RDJr. promoting “Iron Man 3” in Paris this week. (Thibault Camus /AP)


“Look, even if I don’t get one directly, eventually they’re just going to have to give me one when I get old. So no matter how you slice it, I’m getting one.”


Robert Downey Jr. assessing his chances of winning an Oscar one of these days. Twice nominated, the “Iron Man” star tells GQ that he “couldn’t care less” whether he does or does not, but hey, he’s young and has a lot of good projects lined up, so, do the math. “I, personally, would be shocked if we went to the end of the tape now and I didn’t have at least one.” Maybe two. “That’s why I don’t mind showing up and watching everybody else get them.” Read more from GQ: Robert Downey Jr. profile, May 2013

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