Flavor Flav at a music festival last year. (Isaac Brekken / Getty Images for Clear Channel)

Flavor Flav is facing 12 years in prison for allegedly chasing his girlfriend’s teenage son with a butcher knife — but hey, at least he gets to go to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction tonight.

A Las Vegas judge agreed Thursday to postpone the rapper’s arraignment on felony assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges until May 7, reports the Associated Press.

The clock-wearing rap icon, 54, is due in Los Angeles tonight along with his Public Enemy colleagues to be honored at the Hall of Fame ceremonies — certainly a brighter spot in his recent history. Flav was arrested in October for allegedly beating his fiancee and threatening her son. The 17-year-old told the court last week he woke up to hear the star fighting with his mother and intervened. A 200-pound high school jock, he said wrestled the Flav into a headlock, prompting the slightly built rapper to reach for the knife, chase the boy to his bedroom and then drive the knife into the door. Flav’s defense attorney said he acted in self-defense and intends to plead not guilty.

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