Also in The Washington Post:

“There’s a particularly painful, obviously staged scene filmed at Local 16 restaurant on U Street in which a group of women grill him about politics, throwing around words like ‘Obamacare’ and ‘legislation.’ His eyes glaze over. ‘D.C. girls are straight to the point,’ he says. ‘Politics, politics, politics, and more politics.'”

Emily Yahr reviewing “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”, in which the Olympic swimmer tries to extend his fame by capitalizing on his cheerfully dumb “sex idiot” reputation. “Are stars really just like us? Probably not,” she writes. “Yet the key to succeeding (as a long-term celebrity, anyway) is to have a camera crew follow you around and try to convince the world that that’s the case.”

(Photo above: Bulent Kilic / AFP/Getty Images)

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