Weiner in 2011. (Jason DeCrow / AP) Weiner in 2011. (Jason DeCrow / AP)

Well, look who’s returned to the scene of the crime!: Anthony Weiner, who christened a new Twitter account on Monday.

Weiner, now publicly mulling a political comeback with a possible bid for New York mayor, resigned from Congress two years ago after he — well, you remember. It was the first big political Twitter scandal, and it remains the weirdest. His new account, @anthonyweiner (and yes, it’s definitely his) features just two tweets so far at this writing, simply linking to a report he authored about encouraging NYC’s middle class. In a refreshing deviation from the usual social-media scandal norms, though, he never deleted the old account that got him in so much trouble (@repweiner), though it’s all but inactive now — and naturally, those particular tweets are long gone.

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