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A brief history of the reasons hip-hop stars change their names — because they’re too old to be called “Lil,” because of copyright issues, because the old one is too unwieldy, or because of religious reasons, which is why Snoop Dogg says he has converted to Snoop Lion. Though reviewing his new album, Sarah Godfrey says “cynics will find him to be as serious about Rastafarian as Metta World Peace is about nonviolence.”

(Snoop Lion, aka, Snoop Dogg; photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi / Reuters)

For complicated reasons, two Washington Spirit teammates are living in a retirement community this summer — but you know what, it’s totally okay, reports Steven Goff.

“People understand that one bad apple won’t spoil the bunch.”
— Jesse Aron, president of the Elvis Entertainers Network and an acquaintance of ricin suspect Paul Kevin Curtis, on reassuring his brethren that the arrest of their fellow Elvis impersonator won’t harm the entire community, reports In the Loop.

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