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The Hill to open ’50 Most Beautiful’ list to executive branch

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This changes everything! The annual ranking of Capitol Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” is about to get a lot more competitive — well, by Beltway standards, anyway.

The Hill newspaper announced Tuesday that it will open its list for the first time to — get this — executive branch employees. Oh yes. No longer will dashing members of Congress and their comely staffs (plus the lobbyists, reporters and other folks they deal with) hold the lock on the honor. Now the list — a hotly-dissected guilty pleasure throughout official Washington — will consider nominees who work in the White House, Cabinet departments and executive agencies as well. Unclear why the Hill made this move, but it should have a dramatic effect: Since the paper strictly barred any beauties from repeating in the list, its editors often seemed to scramble for new faces, targeting a lot of freshmen reps and 23-year-old staffers just arrived in town. (Oh, we were serious about the “hotly dissected” part. See where we hotly dissected the 2012 ranking, when Michele Bachmann finally made the cut, as well as lists from past years.)

The next ranking — the Hill’s 10th — doesn’t come out until August, but they put an intense amount of research into this thing, so send them your nominations now, via

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