Kevin Ware (David J. Phillip / AP)

Well, here’s a actual newsmaker headed to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner: Kevin Ware.

The 20-year-old Louisville sophomore, who spectacularly shattered his leg on live TV during the NCAA Tournament game against Duke last month, will be a guest of CNN, the network announced.

These days the celebrity-guest roster at the annual event is so heavily filled out by Hollywood folks that we see fewer of the zeitgeist picks that were once the buzz of dinner: Guests like Fawn Hall at the height of the Iran-Contra investigation, Larry Flynt during his Washington sex scandal witch hunt, Paula Jones amid the impeachment drama, Ellen DeGeneres just after she came out of the closet, or Chesley Sullenberg after he landed that plane on the Hudson, or, um, Donald Trump. You know, people who had actually made news in the past year and not just a popular miniseries/pop album/reality show. Will step off our soapbox now. Anyway: Kevin Ware is coming to the dinner. In other news, Christian Broadcast Network announced it’s bringing former Green Bay Packers player Donald Driver and the stars of “Duck Dynasty.” Check out some previously announced guests in the gallery below.

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