Ah, the old “not my grinder” alibi. The rapper known as 2 Chainz was found not guilty Wednesday on the marijuana charges he picked up when his tour van was caught speeding on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

2Chainz leaving the district courthouse in Easton, Md on Wednesday. (Josh Bollinger/AP Photo/The Star-Democrat)

The February arrest — which caused even more of a stir after the star posted photos on Twitter of himself posing with smiling state troopers — came after officers caught a whiff of something and found a metal grinder with some marijuana in a duffel bag, reports the Star-Democrat. But in Talbot County District Court, a security guard working for Chainz (okay, yes, he has a real name: Tauheed Epps) testified that he had packed the bag into the van, without realizing what it contained, while helping rapper and his entourage clear out of a Baltimore hotel room — and the judge agreed that he could not prove that the star owned the grinder.

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