In a room full of people in which everybody looks like a politicelebrity, it took a second to place the woman with glossy dark hair and a jade-green goddess gown.

She was Jill Kelley. Jill Kelley! Of the whole David Petraeus/Gen. John Allen saga? In Washington again?

“Oh, I’m here every weekend,” she said casually. (And then a friend tried to pull us away — “Jon Hamm’s wife from ‘Mad Men’ is here!” — and we were like, “not now, we are talking to Jill Kelley!”)

But at a party full of journalists? Doesn’t she hate journalists? After her social life and finances were scrutinized because of allegations of an ahem ahem “improper relationship” that turned out to be non-existant. No, not necessarily, it seems.

“It’s like with any profession. You need to have truthfulness and accountability. My husband is a surgeon. He shouldn’t tell people they have cancer if they don’t.”

Kelley told us that while she has done the Correspondents weekend in a bigger way in the past — an ambassador friend got her into the Bloomberg parties — she was only here with a publicist pal for Friday’s event before returning to Tampa tomorrow. And sorry, no photos tonight.