Many ways to follow the pomp and madness of the White House Correspondents’ dinner this weekend. You’ll find complete WHCD coverage here on the Reliable Source, and a thrilling panopy of tweets, photos, breaking stories and what-have-you on “The Grid.”

What is the White House Correspondents’ dinner anyway? We answered all your many WHCD questions earlier this week; last night, we explored the first night of media parties.

The celebrity scene at last year’s dinner. (Saul Loeb / AFP/Getty Images)

And today, our colleague Paul Farhi takes deeper look at the finances behind all this media revelery. As big as the annual banquet with the president has become, “in the past half-dozen years or so, the real money has been poured into celebrity wrangling and brunches, receptions and blowouts before and after the big dinner,” with many of the costs offloaded to major corporations that want in on the schmooze: White House Correspondents’ Association dinner isn’t costly, but the parties are

But don’t forget, there is a dinner with the president at the center of all of this. The Fix compiled some video clips of the most memorable White House Correspondent’s dinner moments of recent years.

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