If Netflix allowed you to drill down on not just the viewing habits of Washington area subscribers but those specific to upper-middle-class Red Line dwellers of a certain ilk, you would find the celebrity roster for this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

They were on full display this morning at a Georgetown garden brunch, mingling with the likes of Valerie Jarrett and Eric Cantor — all the stars of your favorite high-concept sitcoms, cultish cable dramas and lurid political thrillers.

Yes, “Downton Abbey’s” Lady Mary. Yes, the entire cast of “Portlandia.” Yes, that guy from “Breaking Bad,” not that one, the other one. Yes, “Scandal’s” make-believe president, Tony Goldwyn (with co-star Kerry Washington expected tonight). No sightings of the “Modern Family” cast yet, but trust us, they’re regulars around here.

You know who’s the mayor of this temporary town, the Correspondents’ Circus 2013? Kevin Spacey! With fewer camera-hogging novelty guests than previous years, it was the double-Oscar winner — who stars as a devious congressman in the current Things Beltway People Like hit, “House of Cards” — getting the full Kardashian treatment, everyone begging him for just a quick photo, please, Mr. Spacey.

The annual morning-of-the-big-dinner brunch, co-hosted by media operative Tammy Haddad and investor Mark Ein among others, attempted to turn its high-profile guests attentions to higher-minded causes, with speeches from Miss America Mallory Hagan about science and math education and from David Axelrod about epilepsy research — but, oh, to be heard over the din of mimosa chitchat.

“Don’t worry,” Axelrod said dryly. “When we cure epilepsy we’ll stop pestering you about this.”

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