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VIP vs. ‘regular people’ at Atlantic’s ‘Making News’ WHCD party

There were two parties at the Atlantic/National Journal/OurTime “Making News” event at the Powerhouse in Georgetown on Friday night. One downstairs — a packed floor of young party-goers trying not to bump into each others’ drinks — and another completely separate segment upstairs: the dreaded (or loved, depending upon which side of the velvet rope you fall) VIP section.

The difference between them? A set of metal stairs. And maybe a sighting of Gayle King.

From downstairs, the division felt arbitrary in an already exclusive group. Was Rep. Joaquin Castro or his staff really going to paw an actor from “Lost”?

Upstairs, the VIP section was similarly packed, thanks in part to a broken toilet situation, resulting in a late-night breakdown of class and rank. Not that it mattered — anyone over 40 fled as waves and waves of nymphets giggled their way through the crowd to….wait, what’s this?

A man and woman – wearing sunglasses, earphone, wigs, hats and scarves covering their faces, were surrounded by a five-deep crowd. Meet the Bumby’s from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, here to give party-goers a “A Fair & Honest Appraisal of your Appearance,” which they type up on electric typewriters, plus a grade of 1-10.

Performance art? Party game? Exercise in self-loathing? This is Washington, for Pete’s sake.

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph of MTV’s “Catfish” braved the downstairs crowds of wobbly, heel-clad women and men with full glasses of whiskey for a taste of the extensive waffle bar. Fresh from a day of shooting season 2 in Maryland, the Los Angeles based duo said D.C. has been one of their favorite shooting locations (no, really) and were excited to make it out for OurTime.

“They are twin cities in a lot of ways,” Joseph said, referencing how one industry seems to dominate both places (politics here, entertainment there). So could a party that was intended to blend the two in Washington be replicated in LA?

“No, there are way too many (expletive) blazers.”[if gte mso 9]>

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