How can a party be more crowded at 2 a.m. than at 1 a.m.? A Washington party, we mean?

For MSNBC’s popular after-party, the challenge has always been that its otherwise dazzling setting at the Italian embassy, spotlit green and purple Saturday night, is a full mile from the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner at the Washington Hilton – on a night of Town Car gridlock, scarce cabs and painful dress-up shoes.

So that meant an all-but-empty dance floor at midnight and relatively short lines to get your handcrafted cocktail from former bartender Rachel Maddow. Until. . . where’d did all of you come from at this hour?

“Capital File!” said our publicist friend lugging a stuffed swag bag.

Buzzfeed,” said the party-hopping policy guy.

No need to ask late arrivals like Michael Douglas and Ian McKellan, who had previously made marquee appearances at the uber-elite Vanity Fair and Bloomberg party. As we headed out on weary feet at 2:30 a.m., Gayle King and her daughter were headed into the MSNBC party, still looking fresh and ready to keep things going. So much is possible in this world when you have car service.



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