The shoes worn by Charles Groenhuijsen to a the Dutch ambassador's residence Tuesday. (John Kelly / The Washington Post) The shoes worn by Charles Groenhuijsen to a the Dutch ambassador’s residence Tuesday. (John Kelly / The Washington Post)

Orange: So hot this season! Or, rather, this week. Specifically, today. Well, especially around 24th and S in Kalorama. That’s where orange was really hot.

The color of Dutch royal family was worn proudly and aggressively to a buffet luncheon at Dutch Ambassador Rudolf Bekink’s Kalorama residence Tuesday celebrating the investiture of King Willem-Alexander, reports our colleague John Kelly. Bekink sported a bowtie with an orange pattern. Guests donned orange ties, blouses, toted orange purses. Charles Groenhuijsen, a D.C.-based Dutch journalist, had threaded orange shoelaces into his brown shoes.

A quick history lesson on the Netherlands monarchy, courtesy of Groenhuijsen: Protesters and teargas disrupted the 1980 investiture of Queen Beatrix, but when her son took the throne Tuesday, only two demonstrators were detained in Amsterdam — and when they were quickly released, he said, police apologized to them. “Which is a very Dutch thing to do,” he said. While Beatrix may have been even more stiff-upper-lip than Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (“and that’s quite an acomplishment”), Willem-Alexander is more laid back. (Earlier: “People can address me however they want”) You can expect him, Groenhuijsen said, to be more of “a 9-to-5 king.”

Crowds cheer as new King Willem-Alexander, with his wife Queen Maxima at far left, kisses his mother, former Queen Beatrix on the balcony of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. (Jeroen Van Der Meyde / Netherlands government via EPA)

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