DioGuardi in 2011. (Angela Weiss /Getty Images) DioGuardi in 2011. (Angela Weiss /Getty Images)

Hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi revealed that she recently had surgery to remove her uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, after learning she carries the BRCA2 gene that put her at high risk of ovarian cancer. “I took a calculated risk,” she told People in an extensive interview. Though she hasn’t yet, she said she may still pursue a preventive mastectomy. The former “American Idol” judge, 42, said she learned about her risk status while attempting to get pregnant; she and her husband switched course and turned to a surrogate mother, who gave birth to their new son, Greyson, in January, a month after DioGuardi’s surgery. Read more at People: Kara DioGuardi: How My Cancer Gene Changed My Path to Parenthood
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