You know her as Beyonce, BK or simply Queen Bey, but it seems the feds have their own special name for her: “(B)(6)”

Beyonce during her National Anthem moment at the Inauguration. (Evan Vucci / AP)
Beyonce during her National Anthem moment at the Inauguration. (Evan Vucci / AP)

That’s the legalistic way the global pop superstar is repeatedly alluded to in 172 pages of redacted documents just released by the Marine Band under a Freedom of Information Act request from Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg submitted its FOIA request in the midst of Beyonce’s inauguration lip-sync controversy — a matter that was more or less resolved days later when the star acknowledged that she did rely on a pre-recorded vocal track to sing the National Anthem but she also sang along with the tape. So the emails between Marine officials, the White House and Beyonce’s team “make for mostly non-fascinating reading,” Bloomberg reports. Other than some official dithering about the PR crisis, the most noteworthy revelation is the government’s decision to carefully redact Beyonce’s name from every reference — citing the public-information law’s “(B)(6)” exemption to prevent any “clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy” — even in cases where it is obviously Beyonce they’re referring to! As in, “we don’t know why ‘(B(6)’ decided to use recorded music. . . ”

Cute nickname! This one might catch on better than “Sasha Fierce.”

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