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Quoted: Marion Barry recaps ‘Scandal’ on Twitter

Kerry Washington in ABC’s “Scandal” (Danny Feld / ABC)
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“You can’t tell me that Fitz’s heart wasn’t about to beat out of his chest while watching that clock wind down.”

— Marion Barry excitedly live-tweeting a key plot point in Thursday night’s episode of “Scandal.” He went on a tear live-tweeting the entire show, in fact — City Paper captures the whole thread here. Who could have guessed that the former mayor would be a huge fan of a soapy, sex-fueled fantasy of sordid D.C. political intrigue, based on the life of his former crisis-manager Judy Smith? (Oh, what’s that you say — we all should have guessed he would be a huge fan? Yeah, guess that makes sense.) “I’m fighting for the people all day,” the councilmember tweeted, “but Thurs night, you know where to find me.” In other news, “Scandal” stunned us last night by getting a bit of Washington geography correct — there really is a bookstore in Adams-Morgan still!

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