Brief news from elsewhere:

Lauryn Hill at a court date in New Jersey last month. (Mel Evans / AP)

Lauryn Hill comes up with just under a million dollars to settle overdue state and federal taxes, possibly just in time to avoid jail on tax evasion charges. (Associated Press) UPDATE: Whoa, not good enough, apparently! A judge late Monday afternoon sentenced the Grammy winner to three months in prison.

Beyonce breaks her silence on the controversy over her Cuba visit, says nothing particularly noteworthy, other than that it was “such a beautiful trip” and she found the outcry “quite shocking.” (Good Morning America)

— Does something crazy happen on every day of Justin Bieber’s world tour? If it’s Sunday it must be Dubai and a crazed fan rushing the stage. (AP)

— Aw, Crystal Bowersox is splitting up with her short-term husband. You remember her from “American Idol,” right? (People)

Updated 5:35 p.m.

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