Our photographer colleague Rebecca D’Angelo goes to a party every week and does her thing for a regular feature in the Sunday Style section called The Scene. Last week it was the Dutch ambassador’s private party to celebrate the investiture of King Willem-Alexander, held Monday night, the eve of the coronation. Want to invite her to your party? Email her at thescene@washpost.com.

Ambassador Jan Matthysen of Belgium with the evening’s host, Ambassador Rudolf Bekink of the Netherlands.


Ambassador Wegger Chr. Strommen of Norway and Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen of Denmark.


Ambassador Jean-Louis Wolzfeld of Luxembourg, Ambassador Gilles Noghes of Monaco, and journalist Roland Flamini.


Ina Ginsburg chats with Ambassador Claudia Fritsche of Liechtenstein.


Aniko Gaal Schott, an interior designer, and Nancy Bagley, editor-in-chief for Washington Life, pose in front of flowers imported from Holland.

Mandy Ourisman, chairman Ourisman Automotive Enterprises, chats with Joseph Gildenhorn, former ambassador to Switzerland.


The evening’s hostess, Gabrielle de Kuyper Bekink.


Mary M. Ourisman, former ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, and Anita McBride, former chief of staff to Laura Bush.


Journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave with his wife, former photojournalist, Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave.


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