Laura Kaeppeler at her crowning as Miss America in 2012, the last time the pageant used the theme song. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

There goes “there she is. . . .”! The kitsch-classic Miss America theme song is no longer a part of the pageant, having been snarled in a copyright dispute. Pageant officials told the Press of Atlantic City that the theme song will not be played at the next beauty-queen crowning in September. (And, well, this is embarrassing — turns out it wasn’t played at the last pageant in January either, but no one really seemed to notice.) The estate of songwriter Bernie Wayne — also known for “Blue Velvet” and the Chock Full O’Nuts jingle — has been embroiled in on-and-off litigation against the pageant for years over the use of the tune; reps for both sides would not discuss the details of a recent settlement, but the song’s absence appears to be one result. Now, please enjoy this trip down memory lane, with the late Bert Parks’s legendary rendition:

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