Amanda Knox may have had a grueling interview schedule this past week, but she gamely mingled with Washington media types Wednesday night.

Knox in 2011. (Giorgio Benvenuti / Reuters
Knox in 2011. (Giorgio Benvenuti / Reuters)

The Seattle college student who spent four years in an Italian jail before her conviction in her roommate’s murder was overturned was a guest at a Time Warner screening of “The Great Gatsby” held at the MPAA’s offices near the White House. At her side: Bob Barnett, the Beltway superlawyer who represented her through negotiations for her $4 million book deal.

Now 25, Knox was poised and friendly as she was introduced around a room that included a mix of Time Warner luminaries (CNN’s John King, Gloria Borger, Jim Acosta) and political types (Heather Podesta, Mike Berman and Hilary Rosen).

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