For crying out loud, ladies, keep it together! You’re grown-up Senate staffers; he’s merely, well, the rich, handsome world’s-most-eligible bachelor.

“Harry!!!” the young women screamed from behind the rope line at the Russell Senate Office Building on Thursday as Britain’s third-in-line made chitchat with Sen. John McCain while touring an exhibit about land-mine removal organized by the Halo Trust, a British organization.

“I am the official photographer — for my office!” one young woman joked.

Yeah, Prince Harry was looking good on Day One of his latest U.S. visit, reports our colleague Emily Wax. Blue suit. Ruby tie. Ginger hair. That confident swagger enlivened what was otherwise a terribly polite and controlled series of ceremonial appearances. After the Senate, it was a charming drop-by at the White House for Michelle Obama’s afternoon tea for military mothers and wives, followed by a very elite reception at the British ambassador’s residence. Friday will involve visits to Arlington National Cemetery and Walter Reed before he heads west to Colorado, the second stop on a six-day tour of the colonies. (Sorry, no Vegas stop this time.)

His U.S. trip is an effort for him to appear “more as a prince than just a soldier. He is always seen as the fun guy, the spare to the heir, but he is keen to be taken more serious,” said Omid Scobie, 29, European bureau chief for US Weekly.