Our photographer colleague Rebecca D’Angelo goes to a party every week and does her thing for a regular feature in the Sunday Style section called The Scene. This week it was the 5th Anniversary “Ball on the Mall” hosted by The Trust for the National Mall’s L’Enfant Society. Want to invite her to your party? Email her at thescene@washpost.com.

Betsy and Joseph Benkowski, president of Seaton & Benkowski Partners.


Caroline Cunningham, president of The Trust for the National Mall.


The event chairs: John P. Drew, president and CEO of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, and Barbara McDuffie, director at Baker Tilly.


Chip Akridge, founder and chairman of the Trust for the National Mall, with the evenings emcee, Kelly Collis, of 94.7 Fresh FM.


Wendy Cumberland, president of the Junior League of Washington, and her husband Winson, senior director of information technology at Consumer Electronics Association.


Tom Bartlett of the Boeing Company, and Anna Bartlett of Rare, an environmental marketing firm.


L’Enfant Society members Joseph Richardson; Lindley Thornburg; and Rory and Lauren Pillsbury.


Judy and Darrel Rippeteau, of Rippeteau Architects.


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