More reactions are coming in to Angelina Jolie’s surprising announcement that she had a preventive mastectomy.

(Carlo Allegri / AP)

Columnist Richard Cohen notes that Jolie could have kept her surgeries a secret, and praises her for going public. Her longtime partner Brad Pitt told USA Today that “it was really important to her to share the story and that others would understand it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact, it can be an empowering thing, and something that makes you stronger and us stronger.”

Our colleagues Emily Wax and Lena Sun look at the science behind the story: What exactly genetic screening like Jolie underwent can tell other patients with a history of family history of breast cancer, and what the treatment options might be. Our colleague Sarah Kliff notes that researchers do not think the genetic screening test Jolie relied on should be a course of action for all women.

Meanwhile, People magazine looks back at Jolie’s public schedule over the past three months — including an awards gala, shopping outings with her kids, an international conference in London and a trip to a refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo — all while she was recuperating from a surgery or preparing for the next round. The magazine also reported this morning that Jolie plans to have her ovaries removed soon, a prospect the actress implied in her Times op-ed could be in her future.

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