Brief news from elsewhere:

The Brangelina clan in 2011. (Toru Yamanaka / AFP/Getty Images)

Why did Angelina Jolie publish her New York Times op-ed revealing her double mastectomy on a Tuesday morning? We won’t begin to guess, but magazine folks think it was to screw over US, Life & Style and OK!, whose weekly deadlines were just hours earlier; only the celebrity-friendly People had time to rework a new cover. (NY Daily News)

Mitt Romney is building a new home in Utah, where his family has deep roots. (Deseret News)

Harry Reid says his niece is a lesbian, by way of explaining his concern with workplace discrimination. (Huffington Post)

Posh Spice’s husband is retiring. Apparently he plays soccer? (The Early Lead)

Aw. While Obama is still raking in $100K or more a year from his books, according to his tax returns Joe Biden reaped “less than $201” for his 2007 “Promises to Keep.” (In the Loop)

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