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“You know, I say that you want to be treated just like everybody else in that respect — but on the other hand, ‘vive la difference!’”



— Wilt Chamberlain, in a previously unheard 1992 interview, on the good and bad of his astounding 7-foot-1 height: As a teen he was self-conscious, “looked upon as a freak” and “cast as the villain” — and yet, “I think a lot of ladies found me so attractive because I was different, and I acted on that.” A year before this interview — newly exhumed for PBS Digital Studio’s delightful “Blank on Blank” series of animated interviews — the late NBA legend had shocked the world with a memoir claiming that he had had sex with 20,000 women. Chamberlain died in 1999. (Previously: Jim Morrison on being fat, 4/2/13; Beastie Boys on their name, 4/30/13)

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