Justin Bieber appears to be letting the clock tick down on his monkey ownership.

Bieber in happier, pre-monkey-owning times. (Ethan Miller / Getty Images for ABC)

The German customs officials who confiscated the pop star’s capuchin when he arrived in March without the proper monkey-having papers said Friday they were preparing to send “Mally” to a zoo or animal park. Technically, Bieber still has until midnight to reclaim his pet, but will you look at the clock? It’s already 6 p.m. in Munich.

Customs officials told the AP they had received some emails from Bieber’s management suggesting he didn’t want the monkey anymore and asking for help finding a good home – but nothing from the monkey owner himself.

Oh, and they plan to bill Bieber for the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on the feeding and care of Mally over the last two months.

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