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Luke Bryan! Okay singer, okay songwriter — why the heck is he suddenly The Guy in country music? Our colleague EmilyYahr caught his act at WMZQ Fest and figured it out:

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline. (Harrison McClary / Reuters)

It could be because of the dynamic dual character he has created through his music. On one hand, he’s the ultimate guy’s guy, dedicating about half his material to drinking beer with buddies, partying on spring break and watching girls in bikinis. Then, a minute later, he is the ultimate Romeo, wanting nothing more than to take the love of his life out to the country for some romantic off-roading or a picnic for two in the woods. The way he balances the two in concert is impressive — the raucous, charismatic center of attention flirts with the ladies, then turns around to be the devoted boyfriend, going home with the same girl he brought to the party. Turns out, it’s an immensely appealing concept — and in Bryan’s case, accurate, as he’s a married father of two.

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