Hang on there, Sen. Chris Coons — did you bring enough for everyone? The Delaware Democrat lightened the mood at Day 5 of the Senate Judiciary Committee markup session on the immigration bill Tuesday by presenting his panel neighbor, Sen. Al Franken, with a beautiful sprinkles-laden cupcake.

Sen. Franken. (Cory Ryan/Getty Images)

This after Chairman Patrick Leahy — who has a knack for playful committee-room digression — announced that it was Franken’s birthday (his 62nd) and teased that he would unfortunately have to keep everyone late that night. (Watch it on C-SPAN) “I was going to go out to dinner with my wife and daughter,” Franken protested. Laughed Leahy, “I was actually protecting them so they could have a nice quiet evening out without you.” Ha ha, just kidding! That’s when Coons handed over his birthday tribute, which Franken gamely picked at. “Okay, this isn’t really speeding the bill along, is it?” he said.

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