Chelsea Clinton has a new job — make that another new job.

At the tender age of 33, the former first daughter has racked up an extensive resume: Management consultant, hedge-funder, broadcast journalist, education activist, doctoral student — now co-founder of a multicultural center at NYU, where she worked as an assistant vice provost.

Clinton is co-director of the new Of Many Institute created to “reach across faith boundaries to solve social problems.” The inspiration was her marriage to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky: She’s Christian, he’s Jewish.

Unclear what she’ll be doing at the new institute, and her position was kept under the radar until the New York Post reported the news Tuesday. A NYU spokesman was tightlipped about her new role, saying only that Clinton “is co-chair of the board, which helps guide the work of the institute.” Maybe she’ll share more Wednesday when she addresses graduates at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

How, you ask, can Clinton fit in yet another job? “Mainly I work really hard, she told the Chronicle of Higher Education last year. “I really believe in the work I’m doing, and so I work seven days a week.”

There’s her gig as a special correspondent for NBC, where she mostly does feel-good segments on health and education around the globe. But she’s branching out: Four weeks ago, they let her interview the Geico Gecko.

Plus her work with the Clinton Foundation, which announced Tuesday that she’s traveling to Cambodia next week to visit HIV/AIDS programs. Last month, she and her dad headlined the Clinton Global Initiative University for 1,000 college students. Clinton also serves on several boards and shows up at various star-studded social events in New York.

With speculation mounting about her mother’s 2016 presidential chances, the once super-private political scion has even cracked the door on a possible run for office herself — if “I thought that I could make a disproportionately positive impact,” she told Parade last month.

How much does Clinton pull in from these various pursuits? Plenty, we’re guessing, and her husband is loaded, too. Two months ago, the couple traded their $4 million starter apartment for a $10.5 million condo in Manhattan, according to several media reports.

So, yeah, nice work if you can get it.