Like a diplomatic version of “Where’s Waldo,” the German Embassy has launched its annual party game in Washington: Find Germany’s buses.

A D.C. Metrobus decorated with the German Embassy’s 2013 promotional campaign, this one highlights the work of Albrecht Durer. (Courtesy of the German Embassy)

Three Metro buses designed to promote German culture — one covered with art from the current Albrecht Dürer exhibit at the National Gallery of Art and two celebrating composer Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday — will be roaming the streets of D.C. until the end of July. Each bus asks viewers to snap a picture and send it to the embassy’s website in exchange for a small (a framed picture of the bus) gift.

A D.C. Metrobus decorated with the German Embassy's 2013 promotional campaign, this one highlight the work of Richard Wagner. Courtesy of the German Embassy And one with composer Richard Wagner. (Courtesy of the German Embassy.)

The embassy has been doing a version of this for the past few years. Washington is the only city for the campaign, which is designed to elicit a smile from locals and drive traffic to the website. “It’s not totally serious,” Ambassador Peter Ammon told us. “We thought it would be nice if people on the street were reminded of Germany.”

And we had to ask Ammon: Ride the bus yourself? “To be honest, I don’t,” he said. “I bike and I drive.”

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