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In happier times. (Jen Christensen / AP)

Showbiz fame is terrible: Amanda Bynes’s oddball behavior of the past year has received way more media attention than her teen-star career ever did. Is that fair? We would like to propose that unless you were a loyal watcher of “The Amanda Show,” you have little justification for watching a creepy paparazzi video of her unconventional elliptical-machine habits. But anyway: She now has a rap sheet on two coasts, with a new arrest Thursday for allegedly throwing a bong out of a Manhattan high-rise to pair with her L.A. driving violations from last year. (Associated Press)

You secretly want to go on an alligator hunt with David Vitter, don’t you? Well, now’s your chance. (In the Loop)

How Guided By Voices steered Jay Carney’s career. (Style)

How “Wagon Wheel” became a slow-burning megahit over a decade. (AP)

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