“He’s the most intelligent, well-coordinated president we’ve ever had — in history. . . He knew he was going to be president. See, that’s what you call a man of conviction.”

James Brown in Washignton in 1984. (Lucian Perkins / The Washington Post)

James Brown, in a newly exhumed interview from a 1984 stop in Washington, D.C., on then-President Reagan. The Godfather of Soul, speaking to our former colleague Rocci Fisch for ABC Radio, declined to make an endorsement (“I’m not for a Democrat or a Republican. I’m for the man“) but was enchanted by Reagan’s communication skills: “He knows what everybody wants. You see, every American man is still a cowboy. See, you’ve got to remember that. Because of the frontiersmen.” PBS Digital Studios released the interview in animated form today as part of its “Blank on Blank” series. (Previously: Jim Morrison on being fat, 4/2/13; Beastie Boys on their name, 4/30/13; Wilt Chamberlain on his height, 5/16/13)

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