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Take everything you read about the movie “Rodham” with a grain of salt. Not only has the in-development biopic about a young Hillary Clinton not yet begun filming, it is still seeking a studio and financiers, not to mention a cast. And yet those of us in the media-political complex are so eager for this movie we’re determined to will it into existence. (Last week it was a leaked section of alleged script, billed as a “steamy love scene” that set the Internet on fire.)

So: What to make of a U.K. Sunday Times report that several top stars are “in the running” for the lead role? Not much, frankly. 1. No source of this information is given. 2. None of the Hollywood trade publications have touched this story. 3. Duh, of course some big names will be interested in this role. But let’s just break down the potential names they’re dropping:

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Jessica Chastain: At 36, nearly a decade older than Clinton at the time of the events in the movie. And she’s way too ethereal.


(Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)


Reese Witherspoon: At 37, same problem. Also: Arguably too Reese Witherspoon-ish.


(Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)


Scarlett Johansson: Roughly the right age, right coloring, and we cast an early endorsement for her. Can they afford her, though?


(Lucas Jackson / Reuters) (Lucas Jackson / Reuters)


Amanda Seyfried: Hey, maybe. Who knows. Why not. Whatever. Now let’s start pretend-casting young Bill Clinton.


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