Brief news from here and there:

Philip Seymour Hoffman! Not exactly the first star you’d suspect of a drug problem, but the Oscar winner says he just got out of detox — prescription pills and heroin. (TMZ)

Rep. John Dingell is on track to surpass Robert Byrd as the longest-serving congressman next week. (Post Politics)

Rep. JohnDingell, D-Mich., left, holds up the gavel he used as speaker pro tempore when Medicare passed in 1965. (Evan Vucci/AP)

Director Richard Linklater had one of those up-all-night “Before Sunrise” romances when he was 29 — that’s what inspired the movie — but it turned out much sadder. (Slate)

Just don’t click on this headline, whatever you do. We did, and now we feel terrible about ourselves: Star Wars star Mark Hamill searches through a public ashtray for used cigarette butts (Daily Mail)

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