Also in The Washington Post:

If you’re a paleontologist who loves the Doors and happens to discover the fossil of a heretofore unknown giant lizard species, of course you’re going to name it after Jim Morrison. World, meet Barbaturex morrisoni.

Morrison and the Doors. (AP)

Scientist James Head tells our colleague Darryl Fears that he had read Morrison’s “Celebration of the Lizard,” in which the songwriter declared himself “the Lizard King,” Said Head, “You’ve got to figure out a name that fits.”

Fears also notes:

The name was appropriate in so many ways. Research suggests that today’s reptiles could go the way of Morrison, who died under mysterious circumstance in 1971 at age 27.

Really, it’s worth reading the whole thing: It’s official: Doors singer Jim Morrison is truly the lizard king, 6/4/13

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