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Putin in 2007. (Dmitry Astakhov / AFP/Getty Images)

Ladies, here’s your chance: A certain bullet-headed, tranquil-browed, bare-chested, hang-gliding, tiger cub-fondling world leader is soon to be single again. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmilla announced Thursday they are divorcing after 30 years in a very civilized announcement on state-run television. Here’s the full story from our Moscow correspondents: Putins announce they are divorcing. . .

. . . and take a look back at some of Putin’s greatest hits from recent years:

Update: In their announcement, Lyudmilla explained that the public life has been challenging since “I don’t like publicity, and flying is difficult for me” — which must have been a nightmare during her career as a flight attendant, notes  World Views.


Vladimir Putin gets an eyeful at a protest in Hanover. (Jochen Luebke / AP)

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