Jill Kelley. (Courtesy of Jill Kelley) Jill Kelley. (Courtesy of Jill Kelley)

Taking a deep dive into Jill Kelley’s federal lawsuit against the government. . . The Tampa woman and her doctor husband allege what they lost when officials let their names leak into the news in connection with the David Petraeus scandal: Party invitations dried up; an organization that had asked her to join its board suddenly stopped calling; and “millions of dollars” of potential real estate and other business deals have vanished, they claim. In the filing, her lawyers write that though they were cleared of any wrongdoing, the media scrutiny and ridicule that followed was a throwback to a time when “ambitious, attractive, vivacious and intelligent women were shamefully reduced to mere sex objects and publicly humbled when they dared to lean in to leadership roles.”

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