Married: Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 30, and Manhattan banker Christopher O’Neill, 38, in a Stockholm celebration Saturday that drew about 500 European royals and wealthy jet-setters. Church ceremony at the royal chapel; a kiss on the palace steps for cheering fans; a horse-and-carriage procession: you know, the whole nine yards. Her dad, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is said to be footing the bill.

Which princess is she? Not the heir to the throne — that’s her older sister Victoria, who married the nice fitness trainer three years ago — but the one with the chick-lit life: Heartbroken after her previous fiancé allegedly cheated on her with a Norwegian handball player, she fled to a new life in New York, started working at her mother’s non-profit World Childhood Foundation, and found love again with a handsome hedge funder.

They’ll make their home in New York: He passed up the offer for a royal title, which would have required he become a Swedish citizen. (Read more at AP: Swedish Princess Madeleine says ‘yes’ to New York banker Christopher O’Neill)