Brief news from here and elsewhere:

(Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

Jessica Simpson is being sued in an odd case where a paparazzo snapped her pic while she was posing with someone else’s baby at a mall — the parents were distressed by OK! magazine implying it was her new baby. Is that her fault? (Times-Picayune)

Sharam Tayebi, the globetrotting celebrity DJ who makes his home in Great Falls, will never recover his $90,000 — the bigamist bookkeeper addict who embezzled it from him spent it all on “absolute junk” — but she got five years in prison. (State of NoVa)

Seems unfair to submit Erin Brockovich’s life to celebrity scrutiny just because Julia Roberts played her in a movie, but anyway: She got arrested for drunk-driving a boat. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Maryland’s own Shawne Merriman hospitalized after a “medical emergency” at a nightclub, which, you know, sounds regrettable. (Early Lead) . . . But wait! Merriman he wasn’t doing drugs; he was just “dehydrated.” (TMZ)

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