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Oh, “Federal Triangle,” really?: Prep for a movie shoot in Cleveland. (Gloria Sochon)

Remember watching “Salt” and being baffled by those Kalorama-looking streets identified as “6th and Indiana”? And it turned out the scene was actually shot in a New York neighborhood dressed up with D.C.-style street signs? Or all those bizarro Lafayette Park balustrades in “Scandal”? Or any scene in “Homeland”? Well, Hollywood has done it again. One of John Kelly’s spies was baffled to see D.C. Metrorail pylons in downtown Cleveland — turns out that, despite shooting some scenes in Washington, the “Captain America” filmmakers are also relying on the Ohio city to play our nation’s capital. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY’RE FOOLING??? Read more: Why is there a little bit of Washington in Cleveland?

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