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Also in the Washington Post:

Catching up on Tareq Salahi’s political career: As you recall, the polo-playing former vintner and reality star announced last year he would run for governor of Virginia as a Republican. Then he decided to opt out of the GOP nominating convention, because he didn’t want to sign a loyalty pledge to the party (Ken Cuccinelli was probably going to win the nomination anyway) — so he decided to run as an independent. Now, reports our colleague Ben Pershing, it appears he was unable to get the 10,000 signatures necessary to make the ballot — so he says he will run as a write-in. (Is it too soon to say it’s over? Yes! History has shown that it’s always too soon to say a Salahi story is over.) Meanwhile, there’s a future congressional race to explore and a hoped-for reality show/documentary in the works. Read more:Tareq Salahi shifts to write-in campaign for Va. governor, eyes U.S. House race

And since some of you asked, here’s our most recent update on his ex-wife/fellow White House uninvited guest: Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon win apology from Daily Mail, 4/5/13

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